The FITC Conference Titles have always been highly regarded for their originality and was privileged to be able to create and attend for FITC Amsterdam 2015. The screes displayed at event were specifically made to surround the viewer in the main auditorium. Three separate widescreen panels projecting 3k images on each scene made up a 9k image shot with 3 camera angles for each scene. 

The concept revolves around our digital footprints, data sharing, and what is projected about ourselves vs. who we really are. What can be seen on a web search is a direct reflection of what others know of you and our goal was to show a stylized depiction of that persona as we integrated the conference titles.

Director: Truen Pence
Motion Director: Jake Sargeant
Producers: Paul Welch, Sara Leimbach
Director of Photography: Jake Sargeant
Editor, Sound Designer: Kyle Stebbins
Animators: Evan Gütt, Marc Lehman
Colorist: Matt Fezz
Cast: Norm Sajovie, Janessa Narciso
Music: Duologue
Agency: Instrument
Client: FITC