My earliest memories were watching interviews that my dad shot on Super 8 that was attached at his hip from the 1960’s–80’s. From anti-war protests in DC to interviews with town’s oldest resident, this appetite for story behind the lens seeped into my life and eventually took over my career. I began making films by building a small production company with friends specializing in short films and commercials, following our passion for interesting people and stories, leading to a feature documentary about the American wine industry that opened to festivals across the US and Europe.

I then spent 7 years at the digital creative agency Instrument, directing films and commercials, and creating work that helped spawn an entire team of content makers, producers, motion designers and strategists, making commercials, branded content, and documentary film projects around tech and lifestyle industries. 

My client work includes Levis, Google, YouTube, Squarespace, Nike, Hurley, YETI, Danner, Stumptown, Amazon, Microsoft, and created award winning digital storytelling projects, The Build and This Place. I’m currently based in Portland, Oregon but I’m my happiest on-location anywhere that may lead me.